Welcome Message

Dr. Lee Shau Kee
Dr. Lee Shau Kee
Chairman, Governor

Welcome to the web page of
Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation.

Dr. Lee Shau Kee As a founder of Pei Hua, I am extremely gratified to find its work over the years has fulfilled our initial vision of "training the trainers, and maximizing results with optimal efforts."

Largely from the business sector, Pei Hua Members concern themselves deeply with education. The founding objective of Pei Hua is to help China train up competent personnel, with a view to enhancing its talent pool for building a wealthy and strong nation. Therefore projects funded or launched by Pei Hua all cater to our country's practical needs. It is our mission to offer training programmes in whatever domain which sees a need for competent personnel by China. Our project planning also lays emphasis on assisting outlying poverty-stricken regions where resources are scarce and urban development is unsatisfactory.

Looking back on China's great progress and enormous achievements, I am convinced that the course steadfastly pursued by Pei Hua in the past years is correct. We will keep up our efforts in the days ahead to continue to contribute to the exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland.